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Rules for creating logo designs

Rules for creating logo designs:

Logo design is an important work of graphic designers. “Logo design free” Almost every organization uses their own logo. These logos highlight their identity. So just as it is important to keep the logo beautiful while creating it, it is also important to reveal the organization. That’s where the question arises, what to look for when designing a logo. Or how the difference between good and bad logos is judged. Trying to shed light on this here.

It is important to know a few things before creating a logo. They are;

  • Is the logo brand new or will it be used instead of the previous one?
  • Who will use the logo. You can work for an organization, or create a logo for your own company.
  • The logo will highlight any kind of statement.
  • What is the function of the organization behind the logo?

Your first job when working for an organization is to find out about that company in the stars. Write some keywords on the star that highlight the company. Such as Simple, Low cost, Young, Joyful, Inventive, Friendly, Experienced, Energetic, Aristocratic etc. There is a difference between the logo of those who work for young people and the organization working with adults. Similarly, those who sell cheap goods and those who sell elite goods also have different logos. Enter the company’s profile in unison with the keyword. What is the function of the organization, what is found in the answer to this question is important. Decide to use logo colors. You can decide where the logo will be used. Generally, the logo should be used everywhere, such as on business cards, letterhead pads, websites, posters, t-shirts, banners, packets, cars, etc.

Choose colors with all in mind. When using multiple colors, choose colors that are easily recognizable from one to the other. The logo can sometimes be used as black and white. Use colors that are recognizable from one color to another. Take a good look at the most familiar logos. They are very simple on the one hand, able to express on the other. These slogans must be familiar to you, Think Different, Just Do It, Finger-licking ’good, Impossible is nothing etc. Their logo expresses this statement. Emphasize the use of fonts. Looking at the fonts used in these two logos, Microsoft and Coca-Cola, it is easy to understand that one technology means something fluid. Use fonts to match the work of the organization. Why do you need a logo? Logos help to identify an organization individually. Introduce the organization to others. So on the one hand it will be as simple as it will have only the necessary things. See image logos for example. These world-famous logos are simple on the one hand and rhetorical on the other.

Here’s what it’s like to combine good logo features;

  • A simple picture highlighting the most important statement.
  • Adapts to the type of work of the image establishment.
  • The name of the institution is there.
  • The font is straightforward. Never use more than one font in a logo. The font of the logo should not override the symbol.

The logo is also understandable in black and white.

Logo making software :

Some software is available for easy logo creation. As a graphic designer you are definitely not going to use anything like that. Creating your own creative logo, not using anything created. Graphic design vectors or bitmaps can be of two types. It is possible to create beautiful logos in two ways. The problem with bitmaps is that if you ever need to make them bigger (or smaller) then the value is lost. The vector is convenient from there. So instead of using Photoshop to create a logo, use any software like Illustrator or Corel Draw. Today we have hundreds of web resources that make it easy to install a program on our computer or look for someone who is capable of doing things that can be generated randomly automatically. There are many web resources and there is a possibility to create a logo for any project, organization or store that we want to open soon. Since not everyone has the budget to find a designer or ask a dedicated firm for it, create one of these online websites that you can find below to ‘save your life’ or even provide inspiration to put the right logo for your online store.


With Shoplift we have two options: go directly to the web to create a logo or download the application known as Android Logo Creator. By entering the name, adding a certain color, changing the size of the logo and adding a frame to the image to give it more mobility you can create a logo from web tools in a matter of seconds. Bandages. You can finally change the position of your brand icon by downloading it provided you enter your email. A very interesting web resource for creating minimal logos in a matter of seconds. This website is defined to create logos for online websites. It has a dragon and drop interface that perfectly matches the location of thousands of icons and the location of an item and elements that will make your logo.

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