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Professional logo design

Professional logo design

How to make a Professional logo design :

We often say that corpse time is designed differently. But I hope you understand this if you read this article that you don’t have to do it all the time. I hope you will understand why we will use some common logos from time to time.

What is the “Concrete” logo?

Concrete logo is a design that has some things that are easily recognizable and easy to remember. “Professional logo design” A man, a woman, a cat, a rat, a house or something like that we see thousands of times every day. Our brains are very well aware of these. And when we see such shaped logos, it is very useful to understand.

And since we know them very well, there is less possibility of mixing with Ekta Logar and Ekta Logo. On the other hand, the various art shape logos that we call “Abstract logo” are very difficult to remember in our brain because we cannot compare with them anything that can shape people or houses, etc. So what can happen to such logos? I will remember it completely or I will forget it completely.

Below are the top 3 ways that you can understand how to design a Concrete logo.

Animal Shapes in Logos Many well-known brands have introduced them using animal symbols. “Professional logo design” E-Animals have been an inspiration to artists in many ways since the beginning of history. Animals can be used to highlight a company or a product or a service because Animal has a unique feature through which it is possible to create a nice logo by communicating the type of logo of a company.

If you want to make a successful logo on an animal, first you need to know which animal can act as a metaphor according to the buyer’s demand, such as a lion can show “courage” and “strength”, dolphins mean friendship and victory, pumar means speed. .

Notice the logos on the animal’s shape, it looks very beautiful, the meaning is expressed and only 3 animals have been used here: octopus, peacock and fox but the logos have been made with them in different ways. So if you think a lot of people using this shape would be the same if I did, but no, you can present an animal in different ways if you wish.

Nature brought design

Probably the most popular logos from the corpses of this category are flowers, leaves, trees, and landscapes that always attract people. “Professional logo design” We are the creations of nature and that is why this kind of thing fascinates us and these will actually look much more beautiful with these logos.

This type of thinking can be thought of in the food, travel and restaurant business. Again, you can use it in places where no one will think, such as the “Apple Computer” logo. To do well you need to have a very simple design and tell a story. Trees and nature do not make any sense the way animals do so it is up to you how you present the logo.

Bring the look into the logo

The KFC and Starbucks logos are the most familiar face logos since the beginning of humanity, people have depended on each other for survival and prosperity. It is not surprising that we can best remember and remember someone’s face, “Professional logo design” No matter how similar or different he may be.

This type of logo is designed based on the face and it is characterized on an important basis. Our brain can remember any look and character very well so these types of logos are quite popular. For this type of logo, you have to think about the look that is unique and you need to pay more attention to a place where there is more importance such as eye hair or hat.

It is important to be careful about some things

Concrete logo is a very good idea to remember but the problem is a lot of common ideas. For example, hundreds of companies use the shape of a lion in the logo, now if you make a lion in general or use some common shape, you will not find the root of your logo. It’s up to you how to do it. First see what kind of logo is already in that shape and how it is, then all you have to do is try to do something different from there.

Here is a link to get some nice ideas from there.

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