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Why logo design and its importance

Why logo design and its importance

Graphic design is a popular profession nowadays. This work is both enjoyable and creative. If you have creativity and want to work independently, you can develop yourself in graphic design as a freelancer. The acceptance of a professional graphic designer is very high due to the workplace and huge demand for logo design. If you want to do outsourcing or product-based work in graphic design, you need to learn international quality graphic work. If you want to establish yourself as an international quality designer, you have to go a long way, you have to know new art techniques.

What is logo design-

By logo we mean the identity or branding of a company. An organization can be easily identified through a logo. The world-famous brands Apple, Samsung, Google of Facebook and Bangladeshi brands Arang, Grameenphone, Robi, Airtel, Teletalk, Pran or Prothom Alo can be recognized only by looking at their logos. But the standard eye-catching logo depends on a graphic designer. Logo also plays a role in coloring and branding. Logos are a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program.

Logo design as a career-

If you can build yourself as a skilled logo designer then your demand will be much higher. And now logo design doesn’t just depend on the job. It is possible to earn a good amount of money every month without freelancing and outsourcing.

There is an opportunity to earn a good amount of money every month through logo design by freelancing online. Not only online but also offline. If you have self-confidence and creativity, you can quickly become an expert in the logo design sector.

The importance of the freelance marketplace –

About 14% of all freelance marketplaces rely on graphics. Logo design and multimedia work in graphics, last year’s revenue growth rate was 44%. Therefore, we can say that logo design is one of the strengths for young people who want to be freelancers.

Logo design income ideas-

Designing a logo can range from 50 to 2000. In the case of large companies, it is increased to 5-10 thousand dollars.

Things to keep in mind when designing a logo:

1.There is no need to give too many designs in the logo the less elements you use in a logo, the more interesting your logo will look.

2. The logo design also needs to change over time :

When the fashion or trend gets old, your logo will also get old. Will lose your audience and enthusiasm. Designing a logo to suit the times is definitely a good idea.

3. The design should be changed every few days:

The logo should be made and changed with the idea that the old logo will match with age.

4. Logo cannot be duplicated:

You have to take all the information from the person for whom you are making the logo. What kind of business, what is the target, etc. If you look at the logo related to the subject you are making the logo in, then create a design in such a way that the design is not there, then you will see that your design can be distinguished form the designs of others, and identity of your design can be found.

5. The logo should be made for the purpose, not for the company:

Here the logo can be made by focusing on the purpose of the company without always focusing on the subject of the company.

Use fewer fonts:

I use a lot of fonts to make the logo which is not right at all. If there is more in the logo design, 2 fonts can be used.

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