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7 things to do if it takes a long time to turn on the computer

7 things to do if it takes a long time to turn on the computer

7 things to do if it takes a long time to turn on the computer- There are very few people who have not had a problem with the computer turning on late. If the computer is not turned on properly during work, then there is no limit to the annoyance. There are various reasons for being late. At the same time, there are ways and solutions to start the computer quickly. In today’s post we will know that.

Ways to turn on the computer faster

Different types of programs run on the computer by default. Again some programs are started after installing any software. There are some special reasons behind the computer being late. Hardware and even malware can have similar problems.

Usually the solution to these problems is to get rid of the computer taking longer to turn on. So let’s find out what needs to be done if the computer takes a long time to turn on.

Close programs loaded at start-up

When you install new software, many programs start automatically after you turn on your PC. It can be good at times. At the same time it is convenient and essential for some applications.

The problem is that if there are more programs on the list, it will take more time for the computer to start. In that case it is necessary to reduce the program loading at startup.

Check for viruses and malware

At different times we insert a pen drive or memory card into the PC. Different viruses enter due to non-scanning. This can slow down the computer. So, check and remove computer viruses and malware.

Again, various bad software which is known as malware can also be slow due to them. That’s why you have to check for malware with Windows Defender at different times and keep Windows Defender up to date.


Sometimes a risky driver or bug update can cause the computer to turn on late. So it is important to make sure that Windows, drivers and programs are all up to date. Otherwise, they can create a variety of bugs. Which will take a lot of time to turn on your computer. So, you need to keep the software updated as a way to get the computer up and running quickly.

In this case, make sure to update Windows, drivers and programs. Turn on the update from the update option, so that you can know about any update immediately.

Set up Windows anew

The first thing that catches the eye when the computer is turned on or the thing that is most needed to work on the computer is Windows. Keep in mind that the computer may be delayed due to Windows. It is best to reinstall Windows in 18-24 months. Which will keep your system alive. If your computer is running late, replace Windows without delay.

Increase the radium

Installing more RAM is considered to be an effective way to speed up the computer. If you’re on a relatively new computer, you won’t need a RAM upgrade.

And if you’re working on an older computer, a RAM upgrade can help you get your computer up and running faster. Also occasionally open the RAM and clean it up a bit. Which will definitely be good for your computer.

Use antivirus and keep it updated

There are many pre-antivirus software for computers, install a good antivirus software. Keep it up to date and scan regularly. Because at different times viruses can slow down your system. As a result, it takes more time to turn on the computer.

Again, if the software is not up to date, it will not work properly. So you must install a good antivirus software and keep it up to date at the same time. Remember, if you install a free antivirus, you must keep an eye on its license. At the same time activation should be monitored.

Disable unused hardware

When your computer is turned on, many drivers load. Some of which may not be useful to you. Enter the Device Manager from the Start menu search option and disable the hardware that you are not using. This is because more unusable hardware can cause your computer to turn on late.

Remove unnecessary fonts

When the computer is turned on, the fonts in it load at startup. As a result, the boot time becomes a bit slow. Windows 7 has more than 200 fonts. Even more so if you install Microsoft Office. Most of the time these fonts are not used. As such, if you hide them, your system may be a bit faster.

This article is for you if your computer takes a relatively long time to turn on. Using the steps described here can help you avoid getting your computer up and running late. At the same time you can increase the speed of your computer system. So don’t delay and try the above methods.

Thank you so much.

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