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Earn through drop shipping, Drop shipping is an online business that can earn a lot of money very easily. Let's first know what drop shipping actually

Earn through drop shipping

Earn through drop shipping, Drop shipping is an online business that can earn a lot of money very easily. Let’s first know what drop shipping actually is. If you explain it with an example, you will understand it very easily. Think, a well-known person in your area makes a product and sells it in the market. You check and find that this same product is being sold for 1500 rupees in the big market in the city or on an e-commerce site.

But this is always happening in our country. Some vegetables are bought from farmers at 5 taka per kg and sold at the price of 50 taka per kg in big markets. So in this case you can open a profile on a big e-commerce site and sell that product yourself. You can buy the product from the manufacturer in your area for 500 taka and sell it on your profile for 1400 taka.

You can earn 900 rupees on one product. Or if you sell at 1200 taka, you still have a profit of 700 taka. This is basically dropshipping. If there is any such opportunity in your area you should definitely take advantage of it.

Earn from affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has become a very popular means of earning money all over the world today. The number of affiliate marketers is slowly increasing in Bangladesh. It is a very simple medium. But many of the common people do not show much interest in this work because they do not have a clear idea about it. Let’s not understand the matter too easily.

There are thousands of e-commerce sites around the world. Many of them deliver goods all over the world. Each of these e-commerce sites has a section called Affiliate Marketing. You can easily become their member by opening an account there. Then you need to create a group with friends and well-wishers. Each of us has such groups in various social media.

Now from that particular e-commerce site you have to copy that link with the details of different products and send it to different groups. Now if someone buys the product by clicking on that link from there then you will get a certain amount of commission from it.

In this case, the price of the product will not increase for your commission. People can buy the product at its original price from the link you sent.

But in doing such work, you must have a clear and clear idea about affiliate marketing as well as digital marketing. In this way it is possible to earn a lot of money if you can build a good community. Moreover, you can also earn through email marketing from here.

For this you need many active emails. If you can manage thousands of active emails, then you can easily earn a good amount of money from here. Amazon Affiliate Program has become quite popular these days.

Learn online

You will see many people coming from our side going door to door or opening a coaching center and teaching there. Many people earn up to fifty thousand taka per month by teaching like this. But in this way home teaching takes a lot of time and money. On the other hand, securing space for coaching centers is also a difficult matter. In this regard, the topic that is becoming popular in Bangladesh is the online teacher concept.

You can earn a lot of money teaching students online from home if you want. You may be surprised to know that 50 percent of teachers in the world today are teaching online. Its popularity is also very high in India. Currently there are several such platforms in our country where online teaching is available. Ten Minute School is one of them.

You can get many ideas from them too. At first, there may be various obstacles, you have to gain speed to find students, but later you can get many benefits from here.

Thank you.

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