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How to graphics design work ,Graphics (Greek ) Which expresses a certain meaning and gives us a sense of meaning or entertainment

How to graphics design work

How to graphics design work ,Graphics (Greek ) Which expresses a certain meaning and gives us a sense of meaning or entertainment or self-expression. It is mainly used for the purpose of publishing any data, for computer design or manufacturing, for graphics art or for printing in print, or for the creation of educational or entertainment software. When a design is designed by a computer, it is called computer graphics. Computer graphics is a process by which a person without a system programming can develop a design using visual tools.

Photographs, line art, drawings, graphs, diagrams, typography, numbers, symbols, geometry. Geometric designs, maps, engineering drawings or other picture related subjects can be called excellent examples of graphics. Characters, illustrations, colors are the main elements of a graphics. Computer Graphics. Through computer graphics, it is possible to provide your own intentional design, innovation, and well-integrated form of characters. Graphics designing allows a person to design posters, flyers, brochures, web sites, business cards, logos, T-shirts, book covers, etc. as he wishes.


The use of graphics dates back to about 40,000-10,000 years BC or earlier, that is, from the Stone Age. Habits of the use of ancient graphics are found from anthropologists. In the Stone Age, they made covers in caves, pebbles, ivory, bones, and deer horns to mark objects. All those designs were carved with symbolic images of astronomy, annual seasonal events, and chronological events. Moreover, some designs and paintings show modernity about 6,000 years ago. At that time people used to stamp on ceramic cylinders, stone slabs etc. for the purpose of calculation and discovery. Earlier, Egyptians used a type of paper called papyrus to make Egyptian pyramids. Also, they are found in habit using limestone and wood. A special role of geometric imagery can be seen from the Greek civilization around 800-250 BC. They used to present geometric theories through graphics at that time. E.g., theory of circles, Pythagorean theory.


Drawing is the act of carving by applying pressure to an object on a surface, or of applying an object by applying pressure to a surface. With the development of human civilization, people have carved and marked different places in different ways. Those are the drawings. That is, drawing carries an event or a meaning. The main toll of drawing is his visual drawing.

Original printing

Prior to the invention of paper (105 BC), printing was found on wooden surfaces in China for printing. In the western countries, the cover was done in many ways. Among them are the habits of making covers by carving wood, making covers by carving and designing in different pots.

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