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Children should not be compared with other children

Children should not be compared with other children

Children should not be compared with other children, Parents’ relationship with child should be friendly, if your child misbehaves, try different strategies instead of punishing him, You should not compare your child with other children,

  • Children may lose confidence
  • Another baby may develop a rash
  • There is a danger of developing negative attitudes towards parents
  • Anxiety and fear are easily created in children’s hearts
  • Lack of confidence also plays a role

That is why children should not be compared with other children :

If the child misbehaves, you are punishing everything at once but this should not be the case, It is an expression of anger only temporary anger has bad long lasting effects, So you should correct the child instead of punishing him, This approach can be a good lesson for the future, Again, if they feel sad about something as a result of repeated discipline, children give the opposite answer, His rude behavior may irritate you, Children act out of stubbornness or fear, As a parent, stay calm in such an introduction and speak comfortably with the child.

Research by most psychologists has shown that 80% of children’s mildly developed anger later turns into aggressive, stubborn, bad-tempered and withdrawn behaviors.

What to do:

  • In such situations, stay calm and talk to the child comfortably.
  • Instead of yelling at the child, try to keep yourself calm.
  • Before disciplining your child, you need to be patient. Train your child over and over again.
  • Children trust the words of their parents so they need to be made to believe.
  • The attitude of cooperation should be developed in the mind of the child.
  • Care should be taken that negative competitive attitude does not affect his future life.

Talk to the child for a better future and try to solve his problem understandingly without comparing him with other children, without strict discipline it is possible to set a positive example in your child’s life.

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