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What to do if children are delayed in learning to speak, Children are delayed in learning to speak, There are many reasons why children are delayed in learning to speak

What to do if children are delayed in learning to speak

What to do if children are delayed in learning to speak, Children are delayed in learning to speak, There are many reasons why children are delayed in learning to speak, Delayed speech in children is very important. Delayed speech in a child means that his development is delayed. Not all children develop the same, so if a child’s development is not age appropriate it is not normal. Therefore, the reason for children’s delay in learning to speak should be found out and what can be done to overcome it, Pediatricians and Psychiatrists say there are various reasons why children may be late in speaking, it may be genetic or due to some brain problem, but the reasons that are seen as delay in learning children are given below.

More about the device or screen:

When the child becomes addicted to the device by the screen at the age of talking, the normal speech of the child becomes slow. Children become addicted to the screen of the device. Due to the increase in screen time, the delay in the development of children is very easy to see. Researchers say that the time children spend looking at the screen, during this time, children can participate in many other important activities.

During this time, the ability to talk and listen to another person can be developed. Physical skills such as running, climbing, etc. can be acquired.

  • Parents not spending quality time with children:
  • Children may start talking late due to genetic reasons.
  • Birth defects of the brain.
  • Complications during childbirth.

All Answers Short-term illness High fever Seizures Bacterial infection Life inside the brain Infections delay children’s learning.

  • Many children cannot speak because of speech defects.
  • If the child has mental retardation, the child learns to speak late.

What we can do about the child’s late speech problem:

Talk to Babies to Avoid Baby Talk Delays Young babies have certain developmental milestones. At a certain age babies learn to sit up and crawl and at a certain age they also start talking. If you see that the child is talking late, see the doctor. In this case, when it is time for the child to speak, the whole family should give more time to the child. The family has many responsibilities. Keep the child as close as possible. Talk to the child.

This will help the baby learn communication Parents or other children in the family can sing rhymes or rhymes Talk to your baby Talk to the baby’s face Look into the baby’s eyes Babies also start to understand parents and language from a young age so talk to others in front of the baby. Children learn a lot by playing, so choosing the right toy is very important for learning. Colorful logo sets, kitchen sets, coloring books. These are very good materials.

Repeat the words:

Repeat the words with the child to avoid delay in learning the words, Teach him to say the same word over and over while looking into his eyes and pointing to his ear. Let your child know your speech process, By talking to the child, the child should be given the opportunity to talk and explain his process, Children may take time to process by listening to you but praise the process Encourage Avoid devices and screens Mobile addiction is one of the causes of children’s speech delay.

Parents hand over mobile tabs or screened devices to children but may not realize the serious harm it can cause, delaying the development of children’s skills in speaking and learning to socialize with others. Use Facial Expressions and Gestures while Talking to Children Use facial expressions and gestures while talking to children. If you show different expressions, children will remember them easily.

Make facial expressions and gestures while talking to the baby:

While talking to the child, facial expressions and gestures should be used to avoid delay in the child’s speech, so if you show a different posture, the children will remember it easily.

What to do if the child is late in talking:

Speech therapy may be given if the child is late in speaking. In this case, parents can consult a specialist if they notice the child’s development is delayed. In this case, you can also contact the child development center.

What is speech therapy?

Speech therapy is a type of treatment that uses various methods to overcome speech problems caused by delayed speech in children with stuttering who are unable to speak normally. A lot of improvement of the child can be observed in this but you can also contact the development center in this case if you start the trip quickly with SS cement then you can get a lot of benefits. If the child is late in speaking, this kind of problem can be overcome with the help of a therapist. Therapy can help children’s language development by adding more words to their daily speech.

The right time to start baby solids:

Many mothers are confused about the right time to start the baby’s body. Many mothers do not understand when to start the baby solids. It can be started when the baby is 6 months old, but in many countries outside the country, solid food is started from four months.

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