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Earn by selling pictures, Count the number of people in our current generation who don't have smart phones. Many also have different types of cameras

Earn by selling pictures

Earn by selling pictures, Count the number of people in our current generation who don’t have smart phones. Many also have different types of cameras. If you want you can earn a lot of money very easily through this mobile. In that case you just need to take pictures of various interesting things. You can take it with your mobile phone or you can also take it with camera.

Then if you want to edit a little or upload the “Raw” (Raw) file to various websites, you can earn from 50 dollars to 500 dollars for one picture. If you know a little photo editing, then you can get a lot of benefits. The attractiveness of the image can be enhanced in many cases through Photoshop, Illustrator etc.

You will find many websites for selling pictures online. Among them, Shutter stock, etc. are very popular and pay the most to photographers. Many will have heard about India’s Sanded Mahesh ware. Now he is the chief guest in every technology related seminar or stage show. He is one of the examples who took photography as his profession.

He is a very successful person in this sector. He also has his own photo selling website where more than 1000 photographers from all over the country work. The pictures that you sell on these websites will be bought by different people from that website. These images play a very important role in graphic design. These images are used for sale on various book covers, banners, festoons.

Earn by taking online surveys

There are many companies that conduct various types of surveys to get feedback from customers. In many countries, various surveys are conducted officially. The government conducts these surveys to know how satisfied the people of the country are with the overall condition of the country. However, large companies provide most of the online surveys.

These surveys are usually paid. You can earn a good amount every month by doing these surveys if you want. Big companies spend up to 100 dollars for a survey. These surveys are conducted through a specific website.

For this you first need to open an account on that particular website. Then update your account with all your information and you are ready to start traveling. But you can’t qualify in every survey. You can only take surveys that match the information provided in your account.

Earn by reselling online

Selling products online has become quite popular these days. There are quite a few big online businesses in Bangladesh. You can start this business if you want. But in that case you have to start big. And you have to spend all your time in it and also take care of many other aspects which becomes a difficult thing to do in student life.

In that case you can earn good income by reselling online. Online reselling is basically selling products online but you don’t have to do much in this case. You just open your account with a reselling company and from there you open a page with product pictures and description and sell it yourself.

You will get products at a much lower price from the reselling company and you will make your profit by selling them at a slightly higher price. There are many reselling companies in Bangladesh. Shop up is one of them. Here you don’t need any products of your own to sell products. The reseller company will do all the rest of the work starting from product collection.

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