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Earn by You Tubing, There are many big You Tubers in Bangladesh. Some of them have a monthly income of 40 to 50 lakhs. You can also start earning

Earn by You Tubing

Earn by You TubingThere are many big You Tubers in Bangladesh. Some of them have a monthly income of 40 to 50 lakhs. You can also start earning by making YouTube videos if you want. This video will work even if you don’t have a camera. First, many big You Tubers started their YouTube journey by making videos with mobile phones. Then after being successful now they use expensive expensive gadgets.

If your content is good, if you can make videos on relevant topics, you will get viewers very quickly. But in this case, let me give you a small tip. If you really want to work professionally on YouTube, then the audio and video editing of the video must be done very well.

Then after minimum 1000 subscribers and minimum view time you can apply for monetization. After that activate monetization on each video and your income will start. Also currently you can earn from various sources apart from YouTube authority through sponsorship. It was seen that a company has asked to advertise its product in your video for the marketing of a product. If you agree to advertise in this way, he will pay you according to your needs.

Online income by watching videos

Many people may not know about earning online by watching videos. To be honest, the fact of earning from watching videos online is surprising to many, but the fact is true. Nowadays there are some websites where you will be paid to watch videos daily.

But remember, there are scam or bogus sites to earn from watching videos online. Those who show you the video will not pay any later. You must always be vigilant in the online world to avoid such scams. Generally, such websites will try to make you earn money by showing you videos through their website by displaying various flashy ads.

trap Always remember one thing. No website online will ever pay you much for watching videos. Whenever you see a website offering excessive payment or flashy advertisement to make you earn on their website; Only after a good look at the website, if it seems to be genuine, then start working; Not otherwise.

Create a website

You may know that a good website costs more than lakhs of rupees. You can also create such a website if you want and sell it at a very high price. Creating a website is now as easy as opening a Face book account. Anyone can do it. But the sites which can be made very easily, there is no demand for them. But if your site has moderate amount of traffic, you can get good price. Sites that sell at higher prices are created by skilled web designers.

So if you are a web designer, or can learn web designing, you can make a good website yourself, upload enough content there, run the site and sell it at a good price. If you want, you can learn web designing by watching free videos from YouTube or by taking a web design course from a good institute.

And in many cases you can also sell new sites if you have clients in hand. And one good aspect of this work is that if you can become skilled in this work, then job opportunities will come from different places and this experience will be very useful for you in your work life as well.

Thank you.

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