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How to design a professional logo, Have you seen any famous companies or brands that do not have a logo? It is absurd to ask such a question, because no brand

How to design a professional logo

How to design a professional logo, Have you seen any famous companies or brands that do not have a logo? It is absurd to ask such a question, because no brand can ever be imagined without a logo. Logos have a huge impact on any customer. A logo can multiply the promotion of your product or service. So, you must think of designing a professional logo, not just a logo.

Just as there is no shortage of companies in the world, there is no shortage of logos. But people remember the extraordinary logo more than the ordinary logo. Such as: Google, Coca-Cola, LG, BMW, Toyota, Apple etc. The design of each of the world’s most famous company logos may seem ordinary to you. But just as companies have had to spend a lot of money to create these logos, so too have designers had to work hard.

Professional logo design;

When you hear the name of the logo, you may think that I just made some shapes like circle, triangle or box, then I gave the name of the company and finally I made a beautiful logo. Although it will be a logo designed in this way, this logo cannot be called a professional logo and this logo will not have a place in people’s minds. So today I will discuss some steps of professional logo design. But before designing the logo, you should know 5 things which have been published on Haichai Bangla website before.

Plan before logo design;

The initial step of creating a professional logo will be done nicely if you do some planning before starting the logo design. Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself!

  • Specify the purpose
  • Before designing a logo, first ask yourself a few questions:
  • Set clear goals for logo design.
  •     Make sure you are designing for whom.
  •     If the company has any other competitors, keep them in mind.

If you work for a client, discuss the above question in detail with the client. Discuss in detail with the client about the purpose of their business, what they provide, etc. Remember, you can never design a good logo unless you are sure of what and for whom you are designing the logo.

  • Specify brand identity
  • First ask yourself some questions like:
  •     Why start a business or company?
  •     In what ways is the company better than others?
  •     What is the best reason?

The logo is always the brand identity of a company or business. The logo always communicates psychologically with the customer. So you have to keep in mind what the company is best for and why it is different from others?

Get ideas about logos;

The most important and difficult task in logo design is to get an idea about the logo. This is a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. So since you have been asked earlier to get a full idea about the company or business, now look at the logos of other companies like that company. For example, your company or business is a mobile phone manufacturer. So look at the logo designs of other mobile companies. Take a look at what kind of colors they have, what kind of shapes they have used.


One of the works of extraordinary design is sketching. If you have an idea about design, then make a design in the book of the designs that are working in your head. Remember that good design starts with notebooks, pens and pencils. Don’t be limited to drawing a few pictures. Rather keep drawing until you are satisfied with the design. If necessary, show your sketch to your client.

  • Logo design steps
  • If you have a beautiful plan, then pay attention to the steps of logo design which are discussed below.
  • Specify the design style

There are many types of logos. You may have already done a lot of design bookkeeping. But now select the desired design type from it. Here are some popular logo styles:

Specify the color;

One of the things that makes a logo attractive to people is to specify beautiful colors. It is usually best not to use more than 2 colors in the logo. Remember that color has a huge effect on the human brain. It is also important to have an idea of ​​what effect a color has.

Select the correct font;

What the logo font will be is very important. It is not advisable to use more than one font in a logo. This spoils the beauty of the logo. Care should also be taken when using script fonts, display fonts, sheriffs, sense-sheriff fonts. However, in the case of the Vinteg logo, this provision deserves to be relaxed.

Get the opinion of others;

You will naturally get a lot of feedback when you show your logo to others. The more feedback you get, the better your design will be. You can choose your family, friends or relatives as feedback.

  • Things to avoid when designing a logo
  • Many of us have bad habits when it comes to logo design, such as:
  •     Additional colors cannot be added.
  •     Drop shadows should be avoided unless too much is needed.
  •     Clip art cannot be used.
  •     Unnecessary words cannot be added.
  •     Raster image cannot be used.
  •     Additional fonts cannot be used.
  •     The design is complex and you can’t add too much style.
  • Last word
  • Hopefully, you’ve been able to gain some idea about logo design.


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