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Know some things before buying a computer

Know some things before buying a computer

Know some things before buying a computer, Things to keep in mind before buying a computer, 1. What kind of customer service does the store you are buying from provide to customers? Acquaintances can help in this case. 2. Open source hardware is often available in the market. Never buy them. 3. If you are not a computer expert, at least buy Processor, Main-board, RAM, HDD, ODD, Graphics Card, Casing from the same store. They will configure them properly. Now I will tell about each different part of the main computer and what should be taken care of while buying them, see.


Computer basics. This is what the computer does. Basically the same is called CPU (Central Processing Unit). The most popular processor manufacturers are Intel and AMD (Advanced Micro Device). Both are good, but most popular

And Intel is ahead in terms of technology
Since the processor is the most important, special care should be taken while buying it.

1. The clock speed of the processor must be observed. The higher the clock speed, the higher the processing power of the processor.

2. What is the series of the processor, it should be noted. As the series progresses, the speed increases. Intel’s earliest processors include the Pentium Series. Later came the Celeron series, Core Series, i Series. Among the Pentium series, P2 is better than P1 (Pentium 1), P3 is better than P2, P4 is better than P3. That is, the speed of P2 is higher than that of P1 of the same clock speed. Again, similarly, the Core Series is faster than the Pentium Series. Among the core series processors, Core 2 Quad > Core 2 Duo > Dual Core. Again among the core i series processors, Core i7 extreme > Core i7 > Core i5 > Core i3.

3. How many cores and threads are there in the processor? The higher the number of cores and threads, the higher the speed. The highest six-core processor ever discovered.

4. The amount of FSB (Front Serial Bus) should be noted. The higher the FSB, the faster the speed. Although newer processors do not use FSB. QPI is used instead.

5. How much Cache Memory (cache memory) should be observed. There are different types of cache memory.

2. Type of RAM. RAM should be bought according to the slot of RAM on the main board. The latest RAM type is DDR3.

3. What is the version of the USB Port? The latest is USB 3.0. [Main boards with USB 3.0 ports are slightly more expensive] 4. Currently, all main boards have a LAN Card (Local Area Network Card). Moreover, HD audio and HD video can also be noticed. Higher value of Integrated Graphics is better.

This is the main output of the computer. Good brands for monitors are: Samsung, Philips, LG, Asus, HP, Fujitsu etc. Consider the following while buying a monitor:

In case of LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) /LED (Light Emitting Diode) Monitor:

1. Select the screen size as per your requirement. Many monitors these days have a built-in TV Tuner. These will work as computer monitors and TVs at the same time. If you don’t have TV Tuner you can buy TV Tuner separately if required.

2. LCD monitors are of two types: square and wide screen. You select it as per your job requirement.

3. The difference between LCD and LED monitors is: LED monitors are advanced types of LCD monitors. Comparatively better image can be seen on LED monitor. Moreover, viewing on LED monitors is also comfortable.

4. Note the contrast ratio. The higher it is, the better the image quality, i.e. the sharper the image will be.
5. The response time is better if it is less.

RAM- Random Access Memory (RAM):

RAM also helps in increasing the speed of the computer. Good brands for RAM are: Transcend, Twin mos etc. Keep these in mind while buying RAM:

1. Increasing the amount of RAM will increase the speed of the computer. That is, 2 GB RAM will be faster than 1 GB RAM.

2. The higher the bus frequency of the RAM, the higher the capacity of the RAM.
3. As the type of RAM improves, it will further increase the speed of the computer. As such, DDR3 RAM is more powerful than equivalent DDR2 RAM. But as the slot of RAM on the main-board, the same type of RAM should be bought.

Hard Disk Drive (HDD):

Computer data is stored in it. It also acts as Virtual RAM of the computer. Its good brands are Samsung, Transcend etc. While buying it, keep the following points in mind:

1. In general, the larger the storage capacity of the hard disk, the more data it can store. Hard disks are available in the market starting from 160 GB to 3 TB.

2. The higher the RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) of the hard disk, the higher the data transfer rate.

3. If the port of the main board is S-ATA, the hard disk must also be bought as S-ATA.

4. As for external hard disk, it is better to buy USB 3.0 hard disk if your motherboard has USB 3.0. Because, within a few years USB 2.0 will disappear and be replaced by USB 3.0. Note: External hard disk cannot be used as external HDD, but internal HDD can be used as external HDD.


Casing is the box to arrange Main board, HDD, ODD. Brand is not that important for casing. But Mercury and Gigabyte’s casings are better. Consider the following while purchasing a casing:

1. Casing prices vary for PSU (Power Supply Unit). If the PSU is of higher wattage, the price of the PSU increases. As a result, the price of the casing increases. Select the PSU according to your work type. For example, a better and more powerful external graphics card, using a larger screen monitor will require a more powerful power supply.

Optical Disk Drive (ODD):

ODD stands for CD/DVD Player/Writer. Good brands for ODD are: Samsung, Asus, Lite-On etc. Note:

1. Currently, the price difference between CD players and DVD players is very small. CD player cannot play DVD, but DVD player can play CD.

2. If you want, you can buy a Combo Drive or DVD writer for a few hundred rupees more. Combo drives are those ODDs that can play CD, DVD play and CD write. And with DVD writer you can do CD play, DVD play, CD write, DVD write.

3. ODD should be purchased according to the port of the mainboard. (otherwise converter must be used)

4. If the speed of ODD is high, data will be read faster from CD/DVD and data will be written faster.
Graphics Card or AGP Card (Accelerated Graphics Port Card):

A good graphics card is essential for playing good games or for graphics designing work. Good brands of graphics cards are: Asus, Gigabyte, Sapphire etc. Note the following points to buy it.

1. Higher V-RAM will get better graphics.

2. As with normal RAM, better results can be obtained if the type of V-RAM is improved.

3. Also, the graphics card’s capabilities vary for things like clock rate, memory bus, etc.

4. If you are attracted to a certain game or work with a certain software, buy a graphics card of a certain chipset according to the requirement of that software.

Key Board:

The keyboard is one of the two most important input devices in a computer. Good brands for keyboards are: A4Tech, Deluxe, Mercury etc. While buying it, note whether it has Bangla characters. (Essential for writing in Unijoy or Bijoy layout).


Another important input device is the Its good brands are: A4Tech, Mercury etc.

1. Note how many DPI (Dots Per Inch) If the DPI is high, you can work with the mouse smoothly.

2. Buy a mouse that is comfortable to hold.

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