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What are computers ram, Friends, when we buy any mobile or laptop, the first thing we see there is how much RAM is being offered

What are computers ram

What are computers ram, Friends, when we buy any mobile or laptop, the first thing we see there is how much RAM is being offered. The more RAM there is, the better it is, but everyone knows what RAM works or how RAM works. Today we are in this article. This is how ram works on your mobile or computer. Nowadays almost everyone uses mobile or computer, have you ever tried to find out what components are in the device you are using?

In this age of technology we need to know some basic things, we are talking about ram here as ram is used in many more devices including computer mobile, but The question here is, did you buy a laptop or a computer? Do you know what components are in that computer? Maybe many people know, I’m telling you I don’t know Jinra. A computer is usually made up of CPU, motherboard, RAM, hard disk, PSU, cabinet, graphics card, so many parts or components, There are different functions of each component and it depends on each other. I will talk about other components later, today we will only know what is the function of ram. So let’s start-

What is Rad ham?

ram We are all familiar with this three letter word. RAM is a very important component of mobile or computer. The full form of ram is (Random Access Memory). RAM is usually attached to the motherboard, it is a super-fast temporary memory that is used when the computer, mobile is turned off or switched off, and all information contained in it is erased. You can check the information stored in RAM with the help of BIOS (basic input / output system) on the computer. So let’s see how RAM works.

Jenin –

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  • We are trying to understand with an example how ram or random access memory works,
  • Suppose you are sitting at your desk in the office and you need a file to do something, but that file is in another room,
  • So when you start work, you have to go to that room to get the file and after bringing it, you have to put it on your desk and work.
  • But now you are only doing 1 thing, but when you do a lot of work together, there will be a lot of files and you will need a big table to keep a lot of files.
  • As a result, whenever you need, you will find the file on the table nearby, this time when you are done, you will leave all the files in that room again, so the ram on your mobile or computer works exactly like this.
  • In another room where the files are stored, take the internal memory of the mobile or computer hard disk where all your apps, software or files are stored or stored.
  • And the table you are working on is ram, so the job of ram here is to run the app or file or all the files or software you want together from the internal memory or hard disk at your direction.
  • Now the more RAM (the larger the table) the more files or large applications can be loaded.
  • To put it more simply,

Suppose you give a command to a mobile, such as touching a game application, that command will go to the CPU (processor) and the CPU will give that command to ram. Now ram will take that file or game from storage (internal memory / hard disk) and run then your game will open. When you install an app or game on a mobile and software on a computer, it loads on the internal memory / hard disk but runs ram. If there is more ram then you can open more files, and if it is less then it will slow down or hang. Now you must understand why mobile or PC is slow.

The bottom line is that the CPU and RAM work just like your instructions, but you can’t direct the RAM, the CPU instructs the RAM when the RAM is needed later. Will get.

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  • However, I hope you understand how ram works. I will discuss other parts of computer in another article later.
  • Types of RAM.
  • There are usually two types of ram –
  • Static ram (static ram) – Static ram is very fast and expensive, it is used as cache memory in CPU.
  • Dynamic RAM (Dynamic ram) – The ram we use in computers is dynamic ram. Dynamic ram is slower and less expensive.


Friends, then when you open a lot of applications on mobile and if it hangs, you will understand that you’re mobile has less RAM, If you open many tabs on the computer and run slow, you will understand that there is a shortage of RAM. If you go to buy a new mobile phone, you will try to get a minimum of 4 GB RAM mobile. And if you have a computer or laptop, you must take 8 GB RAM.

Then you can understand the work of other components in the computer. I hope you understand what the work of ram is. If you want to know something else, please comment. Thanks

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Thank you so much.

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