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What is a computers processor or CPU, The CPU or central processing unit is called the brain of the computer. This means that all the control work

What is a computers processor or CPU

What is a computers processor or CPU, The CPU or central processing unit is called the brain of the computer. This means that all the control work of a computer is done from this central processing unit. All types of work on a computer are done and managed through a processor. Today we will learn how a computer processor works. If you know how the processor works, you will also understand how the whole computer works.

Each process of the computer processor or CPU has a different way of controlling it. This means that the CPU controls and completes each instruction input to the computer differently. This is called ISA or Instruction Set Architecture. ISA is used to control all tasks on all types of CPUs. Many computer processors, old and new, use a variety of instruction set architectures, including the Harvard and von neu man CPU architectures. They have different characteristics and way of working.

Early modern high performance computer processors used separate instruction sets and data caches. More memory and CPU protection was enhanced by using separate microcontrollers. This would have made the processor much more dynamic. Physical space separation is one of the many parts or methods of ISA. It is used to set physical instructions within the processor and for separate registers and separate mechanisms for data codes. This would have made the size of the processor relatively large.

The work of physical space separation is done at Harvard Architecture. But in the CPU of modern computer (current) von neu mann architecture is used, because in this architecture there is no physical space for any instruction set and data code separately. Instruction sets, data, and program codes are separated using other mechanisms, increasing the CPU’s size, speed, and other benefits.

The von neu man architecture is used in all modern computer processors today, so we will learn about this von neu man CPU architecture today. Every computer has a processor, whether the computer is big or small or a mobile phone. Processes the user’s input with the appropriate program or application, executes the results, shows them to the user, and processes everything until it is stored on the storage device. The computer is a very fast, complex and fun device. Ordinary desktop computers or laptops are capable of displaying results by completing any instruction in 1 million parts of 1 second, which supercomputers can do in 1 billion parts of 1 second. The processing power of a processor depends on its clock frequency.

Clock frequency is the amount of clock speed of a processor. The processor is like a gate, it is called a clock. Through this all the signals of 0 and 1 come and go. The door of this clock will open and close as many times as 0 and 1 come and go. And the faster it is closed and opened, the faster the clock gate opens and closes, the faster the instruction process.

As the processing power of the processor is calculated in millions or billions of times in 1 second, this clock gate is opened and closed in billions of times in 1 second. The faster the processor can close and open the clock gate, the more power the processor has. By calculation, a processor of 1 GHz means that it performs a calculation in 1 billionth of a second. This means that the clock gate of the processor opens and closes 1 billion times in 1 second.

We learned that the higher the clock speed, the more power the processor has. The power of this clock speed of the processor is measured in MHz and GHz. 1 MHz means the processor can perform a calculation in 1 millionth of a second and 1GHz means it can perform a calculation in 1 billionths of a second.

The processor shows us the output by processing everything from watching songs or movies on the computer to playing games through thousands of complex circuits, logic gates and hardware in the millions and billions of calculations of this time. Since the word computer means calculator, its function is simply to calculate. This is just multiplication. The calculation strategy of 0 and 1 completes all the work.

Have you ever wondered how a computer can only work with these 0’s and 1’s? How can a computer recognize this 0 and 1? We will know about the mystery in the next blog. And for that he has to be with us. When a program or application gives a user an instruction, the processor sends that instruction to random or random access memory. RAM then takes the information from the storage device and sends it back to the processor to process and execute the instruction.

The CPU then starts reading the data and tasks given by RAM according to the instructions and starts doing calculations before sending the same instructions to RAM again. CPU: Before showing the user in the output form the instructions that he has completed, the instruction ensures that the entire system can be followed by the bus. A system bus is a bus or transport whose job is to transport all instructions through all the components of a computer system.

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