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What is a computer, Requirements: Functions: Advantages and disadvantages: Features: Usage: Different parts of a computer: History of computer discovery

What is a computer

What is a computer, Requirements: Functions: Advantages and disadvantages: Features: Usage: Different parts of a computer: History of computer discovery

What is a computer?

Ans: “Computer is an electronic device for performing arithmetic and logical operations”. That is, a computer is a device that can serve mathematical and logical information accurately.

A computer is a device that processes data and can turn it into information

Importance of Computer Education:

One of the greatest contributions of modern civilization is the computer. Its use in education, health, business, transportation, entertainment, science and technology, communication systems, space research, etc. has made our lives faster and easier. Nowadays, with the help of computer, home tax, telephone or water bill money can be deposited through internet at home. So, it has also taken place easily in the bedroom of ordinary middle class. The present age is called the age of computer in that sense. In the old days, if one could not read and write, one would be considered as illiterate, just as a person’s education is incomplete without knowledge of computer. So the need for computer education to enrich oneself keeping pace with the times is immense.

Function of Computer:

The main functions of a computer are –

  1. Receive input instructions from the user.
  2. Analyze the input instructions.
  3. Display the results on the monitor.
  4. Storing information and results in memory.
  5. To make some decisions through question and answer as per the instructions given by the user.
  6. Advantage of Computer: / Computer Features:
  7. Speed:

Computers can perform any task related to accounting or data analysis much faster than humans. This speed of work is measured in MIPS (Million Instructions Per Second) unit. That means a computer can follow more than a million instructions per second.


People make mistakes when they go to work. But the computer gives absolutely accurate results after calculation.


With the help of suitable programs, computers can perform various tasks effortlessly. Such as – drawing pictures, listening to music, playing games, typing, watching movies, etc. This ability to do different types of work is called versatility.


A computer is an automatic device. So it can do all the tasks automatically as per the instructions of the user.

Storage Capacity:

People can’t remember the events of a few years ago, they forget. The computer, however, can store a large amount of information in its memory for future use.

Less Expensive:

The use of computers for various daily needs reduces human labor and reduces costs.


People get tired and annoyed to do the same thing over and over again. Computers never get tired and bored, they always work at the same speed.

  1. Disadvantage of Computer:
  2. Knowledge Less:

Computers have no intelligence of their own. It works as per the instructions of the user, the computer does not have the ability to do anything using its own intellect.


While working on the computer, he no longer wants to work by hand. So we become lazy.

Network Problems:

If the internet link fails at the bank, office or railway station, the customer service is disrupted.

Virus Attacking:

Work is disrupted by computer viruses, computers occasionally malfunction or faulty results are found.

Use of Computer:

Computers are used for various purposes, they are-–

In Education:

Computers are used for OMR Sheet Assessment, Exam Preparation, Mark sheet preparation, Entrance Test or Admission.

In Communication:

Computers must be used to keep Internet and e-mail services running, and telecommunications and satellite communications to be strong.

In Scientific Research:

Computer help is needed to forecast the weather, warn of earthquakes or tsunamis. Nowadays artificial satellites are also controlled by computers. This has facilitated the transmission of information from one place to another and has given impetus to the broadcasting of radio and television programs.

In Administration:

The use of computers is essential for exchanging views between states, district and block level officials through video conferencing or downloading various forms through the website.

In Law and Order:

Computers are now used to testify, record criminal records, or search for old verdict documents.

In Entertainment:

Watching movies, listening to music, playing games, watching cartoons, chatting, etc. can now be done easily with the help of computer.

In Engineering Industry:

With the help of computer, engineers can easily design houses or architecture.

In Book Publishing:

No DTP work, book cover making and decoration work could be done without the help of computer.

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