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What types of computer device ,Computers can usually be divided into two parts based on the application. Namely: 1. Ordinary computer

What types of computer device 

What types of computer device ,Computers can usually be divided into two parts based on the application. Namely: 1. Ordinary computer 2. Special computer Ordinary computer: Ordinary computer stores different types of programs. It can be easily saved, modified or deleted in various programs. Users can work by running different programs as needed. Special computer: Special computer is made only for a particular or specific task. Only a specific program is stored on this computer. The saved program cannot be easily modified because it is permanently saved. Computers can be divided into three parts based on the principle of structure and operation. E.g .:

  1. Analog computer
  2. Digital computer
  3. Hybrid computer

 Analog computer:

The word analog comes from the word analogous which literally means – duplicate. Analog computers use constantly changing signals or analog signals instead of letters and numbers. The main feature of analog signal is – to rise and fall periodically. Analog computers publish processed results – usually with display forks. Draw graphic shapes and pictures with the help of plotter. The results are measured on an analog computer, so its precision is low, about 0.1%. Examples of analog computers – automotive speedometers, slide rules, operational amplifiers, etc.

Digital computer:

The word digital in digital computer is derived from the word Digit which means – numbers. Processing results are displayed directly on a monitor or any other output device – on a digital computer. Digital computer is based on the principles of mathematics – an accounting machine. On a digital computer – digital signals or electrical currents are turned on or off, which means it completes all kinds of work with ‘0’ and ‘1’. The subtlety of digital computer work – much more.

Most of the computers we usually use – digital computers. Name of the first Digital Computer – Mark-1 Digital computers are divided into four parts based on size, ability to work, memory and opportunities. E.g .:

  1. Super computer
  2. Mainframe computer
  3. Mini computer
  4. Microcomputer


On the basis of power-shape etc., very large computer is called – super computer. The fastest computer is – super computer. Can calculate billions per second – supercomputers. Supercomputers – Much more powerful than mainframe, mini and microcomputers. The features of a supercomputer are – high capacity, very large in size, very powerful, can work very fast, etc. Supercomputers are used – for fine scientific research, huge amount of data analysis, spacecraft, fighter jets, missile control, space research, nuclear reactors, etc.

Currently the world’s fastest supercomputer – Tianhe-2 (China) The country that made the super computer called ‘Param’ – India. There is only one super computer in Bangladesh – Bangladesh Computer Council Lab. The super computer in Bangladesh is – IBM RS / 6000 SP model. Mainframe computer: Mainframe computer is a large computer with many computers or dumb terminals connected to many people can work together.

Mainframe computers are smaller in size than supercomputers. The first computer installed in Bangladesh in 1974 was the IBM-1620 model which is a mainframe computer. Mainframe computers are used – large companies, factories, etc.  Minicomputer: A computer that is smaller than a mainframe computer but larger than a personal or microcomputer is called a mini computer. The father of mini computers – Kenneth H. Olsen. Mini computers are called – middle class computers.

Name of the first minicomputer – PDP-1. Microcomputer: A computer smaller than a super mainframe and minicomputer is called a microcomputer. Another name for microcomputer – personal computer. The full form of PC is – Personal Computer. First Personal Computer – Voltaire 600 Micro or personal computers can be of several classes. E.g .:

  1. Desktop
  2. Laptop
  3. Notebook
  4. Tablets
  5. Hall head or palmtop

Made the first personal computer – Microinstruction and Telemetry Systems The microcomputer that is used on the desk or table is called – desktop computer. The meaning of the word Lap – Cole. A small computer that can be mounted on a lap is called a laptop. Launched laptop computer in 1971 – Epson Company. The advantages of laptop computer are – portability, power saving, touchpad instead of mouse.

Doyle laptop manufacturer is – Testis. The full form of Testis is – Telephone Industry Company Limited. Notebook is a type of mobile computer with a relatively small keyboard and flip-up monitor. Notebook size – smaller than a laptop but larger than a palmtop. Handheld or palmtop is a small computer that works on the palm of the hand.

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